UX testing helps in eliminating product glitches before it is coded and delivers the best version.

UX Testing by Yellow Slice

What is UX testing?

Even the tiniest of flaws can result in expensive results. Thus, by fixing them early on, UX Testing helps us with better conversion rates.

Also, since the bugs are fixed before development, the cost is significantly lower.

This unbiased testing is done by real users and hence helps us deliver a much smoother product experience and lowers the need for support requests.

ux testing process

Why do we need UX testing?

User testing has always been promising to deliver designs that work flawlessly across mediums. By testing before development, you can save a lot of time and money and then eventually launch your product way faster.

  • Reduce rework
  • Error-free Tasks
  • Save time and money
  • Go-to-market faster

How do we conduct UX testing

ux testing prototypes

Create Prototypes

Using some ux testing tools we create a prototype that covers all the objectives of the task.

pre-test ux documentation

Pre-test Documentation

We ascertain the different scenarios and documents that would help us to get the user at par with the test.

ux testing planning & agenda at yellow slice

Planning and Agenda For UX Testing

Every user that is recruited for this test would need to be planned to avoid distractions while running tests.

 Ux running test process

UX Running Tests

Every time we run a test, be it a task test or an AI test, all notes and points are recorded.

collecting data while performing ux testing

Collecting Data

Collecting data is integral to UX testing. We do this in the form of videos and notes to overcome any communication gap.

ux testing report


The results of the test are documented in a report along with suggested improvements.

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