As data becomes the new fuel, the dashboard is the new bible. Interface drives interaction.


What is a dashboard?

The dashboard is as good as your mobile’s home screen. This is where all the important and frequently used functions need to be.

Often expected to provide a global overview of the platform, this interface often becomes the goto touchpoint for most users.

dashboard design by Yellow Slice

Why dashboard design?

Honestly, Data = Dashboard.

A dashboard helps provide real-time summarised data representation.

Thus, if you think your decisions are data-driven, an efficient dashboard design can help you reach newer heights. A well-optimised interface displays relevant and actionable data. This keeps data easily accessible and, minimises users’ cognitive load and time spent figuring out ‘which function is where’.

  • Helps user engage
  • Helps user to monitor better
  • Increases the stickiness of the product
  • Structures data

Our process to design dashboard

Evaluate all data points by Yellow Slice

Evaluate all data points

The dashboard is the last element to be designed. A designer takes a holistic view of the entire platform and then builds a dashboard with the most important data points.

Suggest Datapoints by Yellow Slice

Suggest Datapoints

At this stage, if we find a data point missing or other modifications, we take a call accordingly. Data points are important for user decision making.

Structure them based on priority by Yellow Slice

Structure them based on priority

Based on uses like weekly or daily tasks, data points are organised in the most important to the least important order.

Group them on decision | Yellow Slice

Group them on decision

With the priority-based representation completing, we start to arrange them as per decisions, which are crucial or which can be postponed.

Execute | Yellow Slice


The art of streamlining visual elements and putting it together is called dashboard design. The final step is the most important step in the design process.

Test by Yellow Slice


With a few recruited users we will test the dashboard to check if users are able to connect to the decisions and the tasks the dashboard is motivating them to do.

dashboard launch


The dashboard is launched and monitored for further bugs.

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