Minty : Compelling Visitors with a Cheerful UI & UX Design

With our UI/UX design solutions, we helped Minty create a website and app that holds user attention to provide them with AI-based finance consulting services.



Finance handling and investment is a confusing domain for many. However, a good financial advisor makes things easier for their clients. With the evolution of digital services, AI has started helping people and professionals in creating sound decisions.

Though as digital finance advisory goes online, the need for easier consumer interaction grows. A robust UI and UX design solution along with incredible customer service ensures that your clients keep coming back to you.

Understanding this, our client Minty entrusted Yellow Slice with their portal’s UI and UX design (website and application).

About Minty

Minty is an online finance and investment consultation service that uses AI and field experts to help people create the best investment & financial strategy.

It uses AI-based recommendations for client portfolios and advice from some of the most experienced finance experts.

Minty Brand Logo

Problem Statement

The objective was clear. Our client at Minty wanted us to create a first-time experience for Minty that enables them to provide consultation services as a product using AI and experts on board.

Designing the Solution


We needed to design the portal and application experience in line with the brand identity. If you see the brand logo, it clearly exudes cheerfulness and positivity. Based on our understanding, we created a mood board to showcase our design theme.

Minty Brand Design UI


We wanted to reflect the brand’s emotions of cheerfulness and positivity in our UI designs. Furthering on that train of thought, we came up with certain UI elements.

The style was fresh, just like the brand name. It aligned with the brand persona and induced trust, hence, creating faster decision opportunities and motivating the user to stay engaged. The UI style of illustration was warm and welcoming.


Based on our thinking process, we started designing the UI elements and screens.

The challenge was to consolidate a large amount of data in a single and sometimes a couple of screens. The approach had to be new and engaging. It also included improvised elements and smarter interactions.

Color and Typeface

We used a bright color palette using the brand’s olive green as the primary color. The Muli font family complemented the bright overall interface without sacrificing the elegance of the interface.

Minty brand font style


For icons, we used a combination of primary and secondary colors along with a constant white to connect them with the brand identity. The flat 2-dimensional icons fit right into the joyful bright background.

Minty UI styling


To keep the style fresh and warm, we choose to pursue the direction of more realistic rendering. The renders were inspired by various forms from last year and early this year.

Execute Illustration of Brand Designing for Minty
Execute Illustration of Brand Designing for Minty

UI Screens

No. of Screens:

Combining all the UI elements and the UX strategy, our team came up with the following UI screens.

Think UI Screens of Brand Designing for Minty
UI Screen
Execute Illustration of Brand Designing for Minty
Execute Illustration of Brand Designing for Minty


The website and app give a warm and positive vibe with their user interface. Expressive icons and illustrations give life to the website engaging users to interact more with the brand. The use of elements that reflect the brand’s identity, the website, and the app created a strong brand recall for its users at every point of the user journey.

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