Tyroo - E-Commerce Platform Design to Influence Customers to Increase Sales

The Tyroo case study illustrates how our UI & UX design solutions helped Tyroo create an app platform to influence customers and drive sales.

About Tyroo

Tyroo is one of the biggest in-game advertising platforms which reaches around 90 million unique visitors in APAC every month (Crunchbase data). The platform connects its users with associate brands using games and fun activities as a channel. Tyroo uses the addictive factor of 'infinite scroll' and through this, they entertain and inform people about products and businesses.

Problem statement

The client needed us to create a better e-commerce platform so that when a customer scrolls they are influenced to buy the product.

Designing the Solution

The problem statement was broad but eventually, the solution was supposed to be customer-centric.


We started with researching the consumer base of the platform. Based on it, we created a few buyer personas to understand the flow of the process.

Soak of UX & UI Design for Tyroo


First, we did market research on consumer behavior which helped us with the UX process. It was important to note our sample group's response to understand how they respond to certain elements, visuals, and graphics.

Think Brand Values of UX & UI Design for Tyroo

Based on the results, we came up with the following wireframes.


Execute Wire Frames of UX & UI Design for Tyroo


The project took many cycles as there were many components and animations involved. We made custom avatars, custom favicons, and fluid navigation to appeal to the end users. Such additions helped in amplifying the brand influence by gaining favorability from its users.

Typography, Icons, and Colors

Our research showed a higher affinity for people within the age group of 15-30. Hence, the UI elements we chose were aligned with the likes and interests of the same age group.

Execute Style Guide of UX & UI Design for Tyroo


We also created default avatars for the users to select from. Our avatar revolved around humanizing a camera.

Avtar Design UX & UI Design for Tyroo

UI Screens

UI Screen Design for Tyroo


The app maintained the trend quotient aligned with the social media platforms while simplifying the purchase flow for the users. Contemporary UI elements enhanced the app interface to give it a chic look most social media users are familiar with.

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