Marsh - Connecting users with the client using UI/UX design solutions

Yellow Slice designed a B2C platform for Marsh to reach out to their end-users directly. Here’s the complete case study.

About Marsh

Marsh, a subsidiary of Marsh McLennan, is an insurance broking and risk advisory agency with a presence in over 130 countries worldwide and has its headquarters in New York. Currently, their services span industry-focused brokerage, claim advocacy, and consulting. They are one of the leading industrial insurance brokers in India and the world.

Problem Statement

Marsh to integrate a B2C model into their already established B2B model. The portal will be used by individuals who wish to purchase insurance policies directly from Marsh India as opposed to going through the formalities of their organization.



Marsh India offers Employee Health & Benefits services for its corporate and organizational clients. BenefitMe is an initiative with the same vertical to simplify the employee enrollment process within their client organizations. It will also allow the employees of these organizations to access crucial information about the benefits they receive.

Designing the Solution


Our team talked to many stakeholders, especially from the business and operations department, and conducted workshops. This process helped us to collect data to form strategies for the next step.

Soak for UX & UI Design for Marsh


We got to the base of understanding how the organization works, defining process flow, and procuring pre-requisite data. It allowed us to understand the flow of the form-filling process for all the organizational clients of Marsh and their employees.


Wire Frames for UX & UI Design for Marsh


After defining the tasks and understanding the workflow of concerned stakeholders, we focused on product-wise execution. The first one was Health Insurance.

Marsh has a select range of policies hence it became easy to customize plans for the users. The customization allowed the users to opt for a basic plan and/or add additional benefits from other advanced policy plans.

Once we were clear about the execution, it was time to start working on the UI in addition to a design system. On its optimal performance, the portal was launched eventually.

Color Scheme and Typography
Execute the Style guide of UI & UX Design for Marsh
Execute the Style guide of UI & UX Design for Marsh
Illustrations of UI & UX Design for Marsh
UI Screens
ui-screens Design of Marsh

Marsh's newly designed B2C platform enables individuals to compare and purchase suitable insurance plans with all the critical information available right on the purchase screen. The information structure is organized in a way to help users find necessary features and data right away. Whereas, the clean user interface enables users to view and understand the information with greater ease, ensuring informed decisions.

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