DocuX: Making SaaS platform user-friendly with UI/UX designing solutions

The study showcases how our UI/UX design solutions help DocuX create a user-friendly SaaS platform for its business clients.


About DocuX

DocuX is a SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end solution for document lifecycle for individuals and companies who deal with paperwork daily. The platform reduces the need for manual paperwork and minimizes the time required to get things done without compromising the quality of work.

Problem Statement

To create a user-friendly experience with a complete lifecycle application that helps users to create, collaborate, and execute legal documentation.


We needed to understand how users would interact with the platform, what they may need from it, and the best-case use scenarios. For the same, we conducted a 5-day sprint workshop that would give us the answers to the above questions.

Process Soak of UX & UI Design for Docux

The activity above helped us to understand different tasks and user flows. Based on this we were then able to move further toward creating our wireframes.


After a brainstorming session, it was established that the brand needs an application that helps users to create, collaborate and execute legal documentation. This app would simplify the user’s work and reduce the amount of paperwork they may need to do on a regular basis.

The flow was designed to be seamless across all the stages allowing the users to take all major decisions and execute them easily.

Think_User Journey Mapping
Wireframes of UX & UI Design for Docux


Once the wireframes were ready, we had to work side-by-side with the client’s development team to test, modify, and iterate different elements until they fit our requirements. The project was taken up in cycles because there were many components that mostly worked independently.

Every module was tested individually and revised to achieve its independent goal.

Colors, Icons, and Typography

For the design of this SaaS platform, the client’s brand colors were used to visually link the platform with the website using colors.

For the fonts, we found that the font family Source Sans Pro complemented well with the design. In addition to that, thin, line art icons completed the visuals in the UI design.

Execute UI Styling Design for Docux


We used bright faceless illustrations that looked contemporary and visually appealing against the white overall background of the platform.

Illustrations of UX & UI Design for Docux

UI Screens:

Combining the wireframes with the UI elements, we came up with the following screens.

UI Screens Design for Docux


The DocuX SaaS platform offered amazing features to its users. Paired with the timeless user interface, it helped users work frictionlessly across all stages.

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