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Croma Store Experience Case Study: Transforming Retail Shopping with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Here’s how Yellow Slice’s UI and UX designs helped transform the face of retail shopping for Croma users with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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About Croma

Croma is a brand by Infiniti Retail Limited, a subsidiary of the TATA group known for its chain of retail stores for consumer electronics. With over 350 stores across the country, Croma is a popular retail store chain for purchasing branded and trusted electronic products. Later, Croma launched its own electronics brand and started selling electronic products online.

Problem Statement

Design an interactive UI for store screens that will allow its customers to interact with the products and experience them live.


To start the project, we needed to simplify our understanding of how we were going to achieve this feat.

We started by creating hypothetical user personas of the target buyers and store visitors.

User Persona


Based on the user personas created, we created a storyline for each character and linked them with a product from the Croma Store.



Video Shooting

With the storyboard for each character ready, it was time to shoot the videos for them.

After editing and post-production, it was time to create a user flow to define how users will go from signing up to purchasing or interacting further with the store items. It also helped with smoother navigation.

User flow



Once the design and development were done, the final testing for the platform was done. The entire process was made known to the customers via a video. The video was also a platform of interactivity for the visitors.

Here’s a part of it.


The in-store interaction experience was unlike anything that any brand had created before in India. As a design consultant agency, we were truly excited to be a part of this creative process.

The platform allowed its users to connect with products they saw on the store shelf. It gave them the life-like experience of the product to make better purchasing decisions.

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