WE ARE YELLOW SLICE - UI/UX Company in Mumbai

We are a design consultancy that emotes and innovates to move the human experience forward.

Did we say yellow, oh we meant a lot different, the new identity is our way to express the extension of knowledge in creating remarkable.


Our culture is what keeps us together. We believe in collectively solving problems while keeping our company values intact.


At Yellow, we ensure all our endeavours are result-oriented, focused on solving a problem. We brainstorm ideas collectively and then implement them in reality.


We promote a healthy knowledge-sharing environment amongst our team. Refusing to help someone is highly looked down upon.


Transparency is what helps us deliver the best of experiences. A practice that we strictly follow, includes, maximum data sharing across all levels of functioning.


Design is all about freely expressing one’s ideas. At Yellow, we encourage feedback and inputs from everyone in the team.


We are a design consultancy that emotes and innovates to move the human experience forward.


We call Fridays Yellow in Sights and they are reserved for learning a new skill. Anyone from within the team is the leader of the organisation and decides how to engage the team for an hour. Everyone shares their experience & we bring out the solution on the table. Since it's a work from home, this activity helps us to know each other better & we as the team grows individually. This helps us unleash our creativity and excel at activities we would otherwise never do.

  • Machine Learning
  • User Experience
  • Icon Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Hand painting
  • Stop Motion
  • Coding
  • Deep Web
  • Design Process
  • Conversation UI

YS Experimental Ventures

Experiences are planned and strategised. Creating experience takes research in understanding user behaviour, competition and mediums. Our process helps and methods bring experience to a whole different level.



A Project Management Tool for Design

Gypsy is a future-oriented design tool that helps us in managing costs. Simply enter the various stages of the process and their individual costs and timelines and gypsy would help you with the cost of the project is delayed.



Content-Aware Cropping Bot

PFX helps us reduce the time taken for pictorial editing by 10x times by understanding the most important part of the image and cropping it. It also eliminates the need of rendering/ exporting an image everytime. PFX also enables designers to create filters and apply them to multiple images at once.



Express Customer Support Bot

Breadcrumb helps us deliver UI/ UX solutions in a swift manner by leveraging the data we already have. However, at Yellow Slice, we believe in detailed user-specific solutions, this is used only in times of dire need of quick solutions.



Making presentations flexible

Slices enables a presenter to share a presentation as a URL and still be able to control the slides of the viewer. This combats the presentation experience of a weak internet connection. The view can also control at their end by toggling within the presentation. Any inactivity for more than 5 seconds will take the viewer back to the presenter’s screen.


Design can be a standard that gives us the distinction. We believe that good design should always be shared. Knowledge belongs to everyone and people need an opportunity. Yellow Day is a platform that gives each one of us to share ideas and skills.

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